Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's not 'hatcam' but ...

At the Washington Post, digital cameras have gone out to the bureaus, and reporters are expected to use them, says Harry Jaffe at the Washingtonian.

Mark Hamilton at Notes from a Teacher has some excellent stream-of-consciousness thought about where all this is going that nicely outlines the perils and opportunities (and parallels some of what I have said -- see the penultimate graf of this post).

Hamilton also links back to a post on Lenslinger.

Observation: Newsroom managers who are not taking into account the inevitable conflicts between photographers and scribes as we all inch into this convergence/multimedia world are not tending to business. The reports I hear from the field too often are more like the edict-based approach. And we have all seen cases where this has gone wrong because of a lack of training and a dump-the-camera-onto-the-Web operational ethic.


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