Monday, June 19, 2006

Two other good editing blogs

Andy Bechtel at the "other" Carolina university explicates (I love being an "academic" -- means I can use that word) and entertains at The Editor's Desk.

He joines a Triangle Grammar Guide by the Raleigh N&O's Pam Nelson in keping things editorially and grammatically honest in the center of North Carolina.


At 6/19/06, 1:49 PM, Blogger Murley said...

Hmm. The "other" Carolina university. That would be Clemson? ;-) Hope you're having a cool summer, friend.

At 6/21/06, 9:04 PM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

Thanks for the mention, Doug. I have connections to both Carolinas, with a bachelor's degree in journalism from USC and a master's degree from UNC.

My brother went to Clemson. Someone had to.

At 6/23/06, 2:03 PM, Blogger fev said...

The "other" Carolina? The one in the vale of humility between two ... nah.

Welcome to Andy, and tnx as always to Doug for keeping us advised on who's out there.


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