Friday, July 14, 2006

Mumbai blast resources

The South Asian Journalists Association has set up a resources page that may be useful for any continuing coverage.


At 7/22/06, 10:58 AM, Blogger Vijay said...

Dear Sir,
Iam an Indian living in Mumbai. I was in no way directly affected by those blasts, but wat strikes to my mind after having issues like these, full of threats and danger, surrounding us, is who is responsible for this. People from all religion, caste and creed suffer, directly or indirectly. But have we ever thought what could have been the origin of the so called TERRORISTS associated blasts.

With arms and ammunition available easily, any damn person with a hatred for mankind can get in to a public place (like local trains) and place a bomb like that, EVEN TODAY.

But i think India's Political system has a major role than any terrorist group into these blasts. With no group taking the claim for the blasts, firing gunshots into the air by our political system really wont help. Every politician utilising this opportunity to claim his / her hold on votebank can too be a contender responsible for these blasts.

With issues like Bhiwandi, Shiv Sena's anger show-off around, why should we not speculate any Indian hand into these blasts.

With a pity to be leaded by politicians like today, i feel ashamed to not to have even a single politician / leader which can be counted upon. The ruling party; the opposition everyone has a tainted politician, whose cases are being put behind general publics visuality by their sife called "" CORRUPTION"".

Its a sad state today. With movies like Rang-De-Basanti conveying somthing, we need to awake into a new era, where we will have to take the chagre in our hands and fight with our own system. JAI HIND & VANDE MATARAM.


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