Sunday, July 09, 2006

Want a look into the future?

If so, I'd point you to the work by my colleague at South Carolina, Cheryl Harris. She maintains two blogs off her site, The first has her somewhat irregular postings on matters technological.

The second, which is in a bit of a hiatus right now (the blog is, at least), will blow your mind if you think about it. It's on her project that combines a wide range of technology, including brain wave and galvanic skin sensors, "wearable" computing power and multiple cameras, to create an ongoing map of one's daily experience through the senses. Officially, this is known as A State of Being: The Bioreactive Mapping and Affective Visualization Project.

(And you thought the ability of consumers to create a few videos and blogs was challenge enough to journalism.)

Her speciality is online advertising, reactions and measurement, as well as exploration of the creation of narrative storylines by monitoring the most primitive emotions through the brain's amygdala.

Pay attention. There will be a test.


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