Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blogs come, blogs go

But we hate to see good copy-editing blogs go into suspended animation as two recently have. Sigh.

Clay McCuistion's Copy Massage was always a good read as he, as all of us do, struggled with the vagaries of this job and language. But Clay says he's moved on to be the "blog wrangler" at the Concord Monitor. He invites you to visit him at his new online home there. Copy Massage will remain up if you want to revisit some of Clay's common sense thoughts, and he says he still may file there from time to time.

Copy-Editing Corner apparently had a meltdown a bit ago and lost all its old posts. There's only one new one there, from April, about brackets in quotations, so I fear it may also be on the scrap heap.

I'll leave both up on the right rail for now in case you want a quick way to check them out.

And, of course, there have been some worthy newcomers of late that have joined the right rail. Please give them your patronage.


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