Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dear Grandma, about that apostrophe

One of my editing class students found this recently as part of my "Signs of the Times" series.

Seems like Grandma needs a punctuation lesson.

(Thanks to Autumn Dudley.)


At 6/30/06, 9:51 PM, Blogger Editoress said...

Hey, Doug, nice sign. come on over Words at Work. I posed some others this week.

At 6/30/06, 9:51 PM, Blogger Editoress said...


At 7/2/06, 8:21 PM, Blogger Patrick said...

These unnecessary apostrophes are one of my biggest pet peeves. I can't understand why so many people seem to think they need an apostrophe just to make something plural.

Where do they get that idea??

At 7/4/06, 4:16 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...


Good stuff. Thanks. Been meaning to put your blog on my right rail and will do so in the next few days when I get back from Indiana, where I am restricted to dial-up.

I don't know where this solecism comes from, especially because people then turn around and don't use the apostrophe when it should be. If I could figure out why people do what they do, I'd be writing this from Aruba.



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