Thursday, March 29, 2007

AP Style Update - hyphenless daylight saving

As of today, AP has deleted the hyphen from daylight saving time.

Still no "s" on saving -- despite the common way it's said.

(No immediate explanation for the change, except, perhaps, that overall AP has joined the "fewer hyphens is better" movement.)



At 3/29/07, 4:39 PM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

Not a good change, but then I'm pro-hyphen.

At 3/29/07, 5:13 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

So am I. I find the journalistic "fear" of the things to be unreasonable.

At 3/11/12, 12:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I learned the correct use of the term years ago when looking it up for a front page blurb. I decided to Google search the term this morning, as my girlfriend and I were discussing the correct style. (The Star Tribune in Minneapolis refers to it as daylight savings time on its front page this morning.)

I told my girlfriend it was hyphenated, she was surprised by that. I found this entry from 2007, and now I'm surprised. I should probably stop using my 1990 AP Style book.

At 3/11/12, 1:26 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Yeah, things change a bit in the style world :) -- not always for the better. I'm actually seeing the return of the hyphen in some publications.


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