Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome back, Tim

Tim Porter has started posting again over at First Draft. Yeay!

It's always been one of my must-read blogs.

Tim and Michele McClellan have been writing News, Improved, the book that has come out of the Tomorrow's Workforce project.

In his latest post, "The Real Heroes of Newspapers," Porter is back to his old form, taking down the media darlings who have left their editor's jobs but have become personalities as a result. Instead, as he writes:

The real heroes of newspapers are those journalists who stay. The real heroes are the editors (from large papers like Atlanta or small ones like Bloomington) who are reconfiguring their newsrooms. The real heroes are reporters like those in Bakersfield who are shooting video while reporting. The real heroes are photographers like Fred Larson of the San Francisco Chronicle who using a blog to teach his readers how to make extraordinary photos like his.

Quitting is not heroic. Leaving colleagues during a time of change is not heroic. Declaring that the future of journalism can not be as good as its past is not heroic.

Welcome back, Tim.

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