Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lancaster alights

Craig Lancaster, former exec sports editor at the San Jose Merc-News and a friend from ACES headed to Big Sky country a few months ago and now reports he's become chief of the copy desk at the Billings (Mont.) Gazette. (He also has switched to "fiancee" from "girlfriend" -- but he'll have to tell you that story himself.)

Craig recently did some work for The Oregonian, reviewing the tensions between newspapers and sports teams, especially focused on the paper's relations with the Trail Blazers. He talks more about it here.

(Just a side note, again a little thing about how papers struggle with online. The Oregonian has a link to the fact box about Lancaster from the main story, but no link from the box back to the story. So if you happen to come upon the box first, as I did, through a search engine ...)

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