Friday, May 04, 2007

'The News, Allegedly'

I've been following a thread over on TV Spy, where an old classmate and good friend, Jon Duffey, brought up my name along with that of Steve Wilson, who has stirred the pot with some remarks about how one big chain allegedly controls its local newscasts.

But in scrolling down the thread, I came across this great poem by John Corcoran, "The News, Allegedly."

An endless stream of blood and gore
Staunch one wound, they'll find some more
First Grandpa kills his own grandkid
Daughter next, then self he did

That nice nude couple killed last week?
Receive this night a second peek
Now cops run riot, reporters thumped
I guess that's why Iraq got bumped. ...

You'll have to go there for more; I don't want to share any more than enough to whet your appetite. It's a great poem. (unfortunately, there's no direct link, so you have to scroll).



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