Friday, January 18, 2008

Someone apply quickly -- they need help

This is from a job posting on the American Copy Editors Society job board. My special favorite is that you have to be able to check "fax."

Copy editor at Lebhar-Friedman in New York:

Copy edits editorial material and advertisements for fax, grammar and syntax, as well as reviews all copy for clarity and correct usage according to in-house style. Read through all stories (surfing) to ensure consistency throughout publications. Skill Requirements Must be able to flow text and edit copy in InDesign. Must be an excellent copy editor and proofreader. Strong writing skills, excellent knowledge of grammar. Must be able to input corrections and edits accurately. Must know Quark inside and out. Proficient in MS Word. Must know Photoshop to the extent of being able to make a bad jpeg into a usable file (including color correction, photo sizing, basic retouching, etc.). Must know AP style. Interpersonal Skills Must be able to take instruction and then take action on said instruction without repetitive re-instruction. Must be able to work well under deadline pressure and be prepared to work late hours.

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At 1/18/08, 10:00 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

I'll check fax, but I won't check e-mail.

At 1/23/08, 6:27 PM, Blogger TootsNYC said...

Wow--is that an eggcorn?


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