Thursday, March 13, 2008

Medill Follies

Oh, they are having so much fun up at the Medill School of Whatever It Is We're Going to Call It.

The latest is the snarking over the process of changing the school's name. The Chicago Trib's Eric Zorn has a good column with some names that are pretty funny -- if they apparently weren't really being considered.

Some of the ones in the comments are even funnier. Hopefully they aren't being considered, but you never know.

Actually, this all is somewhat serious stuff. At the college level, your positioning (i.e. marketing) can affect your money-raising ability. Even internally here, we are beginning to struggle with what to call our "print" sequence, since we do much more than "print."

A commenter notes that DePaul is changing the name of its School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems to the College of Computing and Digital Media. There was a time that original Frankenstein name only a mother could love came about because no one was really sure how to make all the parts work, and everyone needed a share of the fiefdom. But the digital age has pretty much slammed that concept and forced people to work together. Dismaying, however, is that journalism is not part of tis picture.

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