Monday, June 23, 2008

I do believe ...

You know I rarely make political comments here. It's not really what I'm about. But there are times the silliness just asks for a pin-prick.

Thus we have South Carolina's Legislature approving "I Believe" license plates with a picture of a cross on them (modeled after this one in Florida that didn't pass).

And then we have the obligatory lawsuit challenging them.

And then, on cue, we have the aggrieved lieutenant governor, Andre Bauer, who drafted the legislation: "For those who say this violates the Constitution by giving preference to Christianity, I think this lawsuit clearly discriminates against persons of faith." Uh huh.

In the spirit of ecumenism, and to try to settle this while capturing the true meaning of the sentiments being expressed, I'd like to propose a slight modification to the plates' wording:

I Believe ... Andre Bauer is running for higher office

There, now wasn't that easy?

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At 6/23/08, 5:59 AM, Anonymous Weltenweiser said...

Can you believe in Florida as well?

At 6/23/08, 11:19 AM, Anonymous William M. Hartnett said...

Next South Carolina will want our "Trees Are Cool" plate:

One of just 109 special license plates in our great state, it should be noted:

At 6/23/08, 9:31 PM, Anonymous Mark Dodge Medlin said...

This was a real surprise coming from a guy like Andre Bauer. After all, he was so good, and seemed like such a common-sense guy, in "Homicide: Life on the Street."

Oh, wait.


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