Sunday, June 01, 2008

Secret admirer

John McIntyre may kill me for this, but he's got a not-so-secret admirer (no, not me, though I certainly would cop to the plea). That's the great thing about Google alerts -- sometimes it's like the lotto machines with all those balls swirling around, and then something serendipitous comes out.

In this case, put Fort Wayne (my old stamping ground) with copy-editing into the Google machine and out came Kellythenewsie, a senior at Ohio's Bowling Green State U. OK, I'll forgive her for interning at the News-Sentinel (I'm a former Journal Gazette rat), but only because she loves John. (Pretty amazing that Fort Wayne remains a two-newspaper town.)

John, BTW, has now gone into video. His latest post is how to tie a bow tie -- one of his signatures and the rather dramatic shedding of which was the source of much mirth and hootin/hollerin' at an American Copy Editors Society convention in Los Angeles some years ago.

But that, dear readers, we try not to talk about in polite company ...

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