Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Converting numbers to useful comparisons

We've already talked on this blog about Weird Converter, the online site that allows you to convert numbers into very odd, but fun, comparisons, such as how many kegs of beer in an Airbus 380.

But there also is SensibleUnits.com, which has, as its name suggests, some sensible units (type in "10 feet" and you'll get "46 dollar bills end to end," but also some fun/weird ones like "13 chopsticks end to end" and "2.3 Alaskan moose antler spans." (There are some gross ones, too; we'll skip the reference to fetuses, thanks.) Click on and off the "objects" tab and you get some new ones each time. (For instance, the earlier fetus example was replaced by "25 CDs side by side." Much better.)

(Thanks to 10,000 words for the pointer.)

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