Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photo editing tools

A good site for journalists to bookmark, 10,0000 words has a post on 21 online photo editing tools.

Who knew there were so many out there?

The site also has two other good posts

-- 12 useful online tools for journalists: Among the most fun/useful are Mezzoman, which helps you find a meeting point; Jott, which lets you call in notes and creates a transcript; and Qipit, which takes a photo you have made of a note-filled sheet and turns it into an PDF that's easier to read. There's also the old favorites Time and Date, which lets you figure out what time it is anywhere (it also has a neat distance calculator), and Meebo, which lets you hook up with a number of instant messaging services at once.
-- 12 more useful online tools for journalists: Try Tablefly, which enables easy creation and online publication of comparison tables; Hey!Spread, a paid site (5 cents a credit) that enables you to spread your videos at once over many sites; FindSounds, for finding that sound you just need for that video or slideshow; and the Alphabetizer, which lets you alphabetize any list or capitalize the first letter of each item or cut and paste an online list and strip the HTML so that you can easily past it into a text editor.
-- And Mark Luckie, proprietor of 10,000 words, has yet another useful list, The Tools I Actually Use. Included is Zamzar, mentioned here earlier, a site that lets you convert numerous media types to numerous other media types. He also mentions MapBuilder and FMAtlas, two sites that make building online maps a lot easier. FMAtlas looks especially intriguing as it allows you to upload comma formatted data and produce a map (a list of examples from newspapers and blogs). Right now, it's in Alpha, which makes me wonder if down the road the free part of this tool turns paid. Luckie also includes a software section, and in that is FastStone Capture, a neat, trucked-up screen capture program for Windows at $19.95. But if you want a useful free Windows utility, I'd suggest Gadwin Print Screen (a paid version with more features, such as annotation, also is available for $24.95 -- half off if you are a student).

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