Friday, August 29, 2008

Folliowing tropical storms, etc.

For several years I have subscribed to an e-mail alert site, If you are a reporter on crime, courts or anything similar, you should too.

And editors, your paper, which should have a central, unlisted e-mail account to aggregate these kinds of feeds, should have a subscription (free) as well and a plan to monitor it.

But today from Emergencyemail came a link to another neat site for tracking weather, especially tropical weather: (links on the left rail take you to the latest tropical stuff).

File this under Very Cool.

It may be old hat to some of you, but I suspect many more may not know about it. Get a link into your browser right now. The image below is of the overall national weather situation page.

By the way, another useful tool, if you did not know it, is that the FBI now provides its news releases and other alerts by RSS or e-mail feed. Go to, and you will see the links on the left rail.

Also, several services out there will turn an RSS feed into an e-mail for you. Sometimes that can be the more convenient way to get the info, especially if you are using a mobile device. I use Feedblitz, but there are others (and, yes, I have been slothful about setting up a Feedblitz feed for this blog. I promise to do so soon.)

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