Saturday, August 02, 2008

Not getting it on the Web

This is Chapter 26 in papers not getting it on the Web, things I hate division:

  • Sites with audio/animated ads that pop up unrequested, especially ones featuring some yahoo car dealer - and then with a pop-up control strip that is slow to work in turning it off or disappears when you mouse over it! I'm sorry, but by visiting your site I'm not giving you permission to assault me.
  • Flashed-based ads that fly out when you roll over them (usually accidentally), thus covering a fair part of the page you wanted to read. Sometimes they close, sometimes they don't. Go to this site for an example - roll over the Lake Murray homesites ad. (If you don't see it, wait a second. It's one of those annoying moving ads - next.)
  • Sites that have so many scripts and moving ads they look like a carnival. Again, see The State.
  • Newspapers that are clueless that they need to update their Web site as soon as they make any operational changes because this is 2008 dang it! For instance, try calling The State's customer service number after 10 a.m. -- even though its Web site says it takes subscription calls till 11 a.m and regular calls till noon on Saturday. (See image below.) Try it - you'll get a "closed" message. Press a few buttons and you eventually will find out the department now closes at 10 a.m. As I said in my e-mail to the paper -- thanks for sending me to the Web and just a bit closer to canceling the subscirption.

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