Monday, October 13, 2008

Newspaper sites enter the 20.5th century

The New York Times reports this morning:

“Thou shalt not link to outside sites” — a long-held commandment of many newsrooms — is eroding.

Embracing the hyperlink ethos of the Web to a degree not seen before, news organizations are becoming more comfortable linking to competitors — acting in effect like aggregators.
Hallelujah. We've done it on the home page of Hartsville Today since it started. People tell us it's why they make it their home page.

That wasn't so difficult, was it?

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At 10/13/08, 3:08 PM, Blogger Ashley Eliot said...

I could see this not being a possibility at the New York Times but at a small town newspaper I could see it. There's no competition when it comes to CNN, Yahoo News, etc.

I think it's good to have the links up there from a reader stand point but on a marketing and PR level, it wouldn't be an option.

That reminds me of how the videos on our Web sites used to be hosted by Google and you could find our videos on YouTube and Google. Yet upper management believes if the videos are on these other media outlets, traffic will decrease and people will not be going onto our Web site. I think that in order to get awareness of your Web site and get your brand out there, you have to utilize other media outlets.


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