Thursday, November 06, 2008

Soon to be missing in action

A couple of publications will soon go dark, both in California.

-- The 5-year-old Eureka Reporter is closing its doors this weekend. The locally owned paper went up against Media News' Times-Standard. In an interesting twist, the T-S will print the Reporter's editorial page twice a week. Huh? (Some suggest it might be part of the settlement of an unfair business practice suit the T-S brought against the Reporter. One commenter says it was sold to the T-S, though neither newspaper's story gives details.) The Reporter has an interesting history - it being the conservative voice founded by local businessman Robin P. Arkley II. (It is owned, according to the paper, directly by his real estate holding company Security National.)
[Update: A bit more on the Eureka situation from]
-- Valleynews, the citizen journalism initiative of the Los Angeles Daily News, is closing as it ends its contract with YourHub, the Scripps cit-j platform out of Denver. Have not seen anything from the DN of why. This article does not say. The site is a little over 2 years old. (Is it me, or does YourHub seem to be suffering serious contractions since Travis Henry left for the Examiner?)

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