Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two posts of note

David Sullivan on whether its time for the boomers to get out of the way and let young journalists figure out what the future of the business is. My only quibble: Basing the idea on whether people are "down" with print on young journalists' attitudes toward it (they're cool with it) may be misleading.

John Zhu, in a post earlier this month, seems to agree with my earlier misgivings about how we replace the clout of large organizations that lets journalists match the power of the government:

I like the idea that everybody has the means to publish and participate in journalism, but is that benefit also creating a new media landscape where journalistic work becomes devalued by the glut of information available and what revenue there is becomes so fragmented that few would be able to muster together enough support to do this full-time or to pursue the large-scale reporting projects that monopolies would have the clout to do? Yes, we could possibly replace the clout of monopolies with the combined clout of networks, but for that to happen, you must first build a network of some size and then get a significant number of the members in that network to collaborate on the same project, which are not necessarily easy tasks, especially if you have to do that on every decent-size project. There are so many moving parts that need to work in unison to make it happen.

He's got more good stuff, too.

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