Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear AP: Turn the damn "embed" code off

Over at Seeking Alpha, another example that "apparently doesn't get it" starts with AP. It goes like this:
  • AP broadcast member discovers AP video channel on YouTube
  • Member notices the videos have the "embed" code enabled (in fact, the entire channel has an embed code - see below)
  • Things with "embed" turned on in the world of online etiquette signal they are there to be shared.
  • Member puts embed on its Web site.
  • Member gets cease-and-desist letter from AP.
No, the station was not an AP video member, apparently. But see bullet point three above. Will someone please drive the Rent-a-Clue truck over to AP headquarters?

AP later apologized and said go ahead and post. But I'm sure all that publicity helped.

The channel embed:

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At 4/10/09, 5:20 PM, Anonymous Luke Morris said...

I was so annoyed when I saw the story that I had to e-mail it to Buzz Out Loud so they'd discuss it.

Look, I'm still in j-school but even I know you have to know everywhere your brand is and what that presence entails. AP just — I'm not even going to continue. Fill in the blank. I'm sure everyone feels just as annoyed by this.

At 4/12/09, 12:51 PM, Blogger Chris Horrie said...

It is hard to stop these types of abuses. Is there a case for regulations?


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