Monday, August 10, 2009

Someone please buy the copy desk a map

I'm not sure why The (Columbia, S.C.) State has such trouble with where the property is that was at one time going to be the new state farmers market, until that deal fell apart.

In a recent story, the paper blared in a headline that a deal had been reached "on Bluff Road land." Only the land is not on Bluff Road as explained later in the story - it's on Pineview Road. (While Bluff Road is nearby, you'd be hard-pressed to find a story referring to it as the "Bluff Road site.") Perhaps the confusion is because the current market is on Bluff Road near the state fairgrounds, several miles away from the Pineview Road site (see below). But the deal to sell that site to the University of South Carolina has long since been made.
Then in a story this past week, the same reporter writes, and the desk lets through, that the land (now called "the Shop Road park" because it is at Shop and Pineview roads) is "nearly five miles northwest of the S.C. State Fairgrounds."

No, the fairgrounds are five miles northwest of the land, but the land is east-southeast of downtown (which is where the fairgrounds are). See this Google map, which is oriented north to start with.

Neither item has been corrected, that I have seen.

I fear this is just more evidence of the evisceration of editing.

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