Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Wave to shut down

Missed this while I was on my trip in Denver. Google is shutting down development on Wave and will probably shut down the site.

However, some of the code is open-source and other parts may show up in other Google apps.

We tried it in my classes but never could come up with a seamless workflow and application for it.

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At 8/13/10, 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wave is not dead, it's alive and well at

We've just released our Wave client for Microsoft Outlook that has a unified inbox (emails and waves in the same inbox)

We are working on a Wave webapp that will let you sign into any wave server (sign up for beta waiting list at

And we are working on a Wave server that will run in the cloud or you can deploy locally so that you can migrate your data from Google Wave (sign up for beta waiting list at

So if you like Wave, you can still keep using it. It's not going anywhere.

wave or email us for details:


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