Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oursourcing copy editing - Pagemasters profile

I won't say the debate about outsourcing or centralizing copy editing has been settled, but for all practical purposes, it is largely a fait accompli in a greater and greater part of the news industry.

Along that line, Sean Ireland has an interesting profile of Pagemasters North America, one of  the best known of the outsourcing services, in a recent edition of the Southern Newspaper Publishers Association eBulletin.

(Pagemasters has branded it "nearsourcing" because, in an obvious shot at services based in India and elsewhere overseas, it is promoting that Pagemasters centers are geographically near groups of clients so the editors are, for instance, well-versed in the English idiom of a region.)

For instance, Stewart Muir, managing director of Pagemasters North America, estimates a third of most newsroom resources to into production that can largely be moved offsite.

It's worth reading.

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