Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another org reshapes its name as "media" - magazine publishers

Just noticed that the Magazine Publishers of America is the latest organization to get the idea of publishing out if its name in favor of the more nondescript, but eminently more flexible, "media" or "digital."

Henceforth, it shall simply be known as MPA, with the tag line "The Association of Magazine Media."

(Sorry, but the copy editor in me starts asking WTH is "magazine media"? That could be the paper it's printed on, the digital device it comes on - whatever. Perhaps that's what they intended, but they could have done better, methinks.)

The MPA joins organizations like the American Society of News (nee, Newspaper) Editors and the Radio and Television Digital News Association (Formerly RTNDA: Radio-Television News Directors Association) in throwing off the shackles of names perceived to be outmoded.

(Athough you have to ask, are they making implications about the perceived hopelessness of news directors? Any reason they can't be digital under the original name? And you have to wonder about ASNE, with a basic website that does not display correctly in all browsers.)



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