Monday, December 06, 2010

Augusta Chronicle to begin charging for some access

The Chronicle is one of the first of the area's larger papers to do it, but I expect to see more in the next year.

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At 12/6/10, 12:50 PM, Anonymous Martin L. Cahn said...

Doug, while we're not a "big" paper, we here at the Chronicle-Independent launched a full-service website in October and charge for access to our newspaper content. (We also have a free community section for blogs, user photos and online calendar of events.)

Camden Media Co., which owns the paper, also launched a free website for our sister publication, the West Wateree Chronicle, which is a free weekly tab format.

Just thought you'd like to know.

At 12/6/10, 1:55 PM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Yes, was aware of that. And, of course, the Lex Co. Chronicle has had a subscription site from day one, and I think one of the Myrtle Beach-area papers was going on some kind of pay system or has already, but I forget which one.

And the Aiken Standard at one time was walled, but then that came down.

I just wanted to outpoint the larger papers in the area, however, because I've been surprised more have not done so sooner.


At 12/7/10, 8:59 AM, Anonymous atlibertytosay said...

The Greenville News paywall is a joke because you can just alter the URL and "see" just about any story.

They have bled subscribers like a worker with a paper cut in an aspirin factory ... while my website has gained momentum because of it.

I expect all papers to go to some form of paid content or extended paid content by the summer of 2012.


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