Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chris Jones on writing profiles

There are times you come across a blog post - and occasionally across an entire blog - that makes you go "Yesssssss!"

Thus, I introduce you to Chris Jones of Esquire and his "Son of Bold Venture" blog. Aside from the fact I find myself wanting to read every post at least twice, let me point you to, as of this moment, his two most recent.

First, you could read books and books about profile writing - or you could read Jones' post that reaches into the chest of the beast, pulls out the heart of it and lays it bare. As one commenter said, "Excuse me while I tattoo this on the inside of my eyelids."

Then follow that up with his five-question interview  (part of a larger series with writers) with Charlie Pierce, one of the funnest-to-read writers on the planet (and not bad to listen to, as well, as I try to do each week to NPR's "Only a Game" and "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me."). Warning- some of the language is a little strong if you are easily offended, and I'm not talking about the cursing.

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