Tuesday, June 07, 2011

McClatchy's Carolinas copy desk

The handwriting was on the wall, and now it has been written - McClatchy is consolidating its Raleigh and Charlotte copy editing and design in Charlotte (Rock Hill, S.C.) already is there.

I suspect it will not be long before Columbia loses what shadow of its former desk it still has (bad for the paper, but a boon for my copy-editing labs). So then the question becomes do Myrtle Beach and Beaufort/Hilton Head also get thrown into the mix? To me that's a little less certain because with Raleigh, Charlotte and, assumed, Columbia, you'd have three major papers already coming into a hub plus the smaller Herald of Rock Hill.

Since Beaufort/Hilton Head already is consolidated, that leaves Myrtle Beach as the outlier.

Of course, I guess there is also a chance McClatchy could turn around and decide to create an S.C. hub somewhere handling Myrtle Beach, Columbia and Beaufort/Hilton Head.

In any case, expect to be losing a copy/design desk somewhere near you.

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