Monday, January 07, 2013

Worth of reading: A new tech challenge for media?

Monday Note is one of my must reads each week. The look into online media's future as well as the commentary and dissection of current business problems is precise, trenchant and insightful.

The current column by Frédéric Filloux is especially interesting, however, and I commend it to you to read and consider the implications. In sum:

For news organizations, the future carries obvious threats that require urgent consideration: In coming years, we’ll see great progress — so to speak — in automated content production systems. With or without link permissions, algorithmic content generators will be able (in fact: are) to scrap sites’ original articles, aggregate and reprocess those into seemingly original content, without any mention, quotation, links, or reference of any kind. What awaits the news industry is much more complex than dealing with links from an aggregator.

Do take a read. Will the 2010s become the decade when we have the "last stand" legal battles predicted in Epic 2015?

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