Friday, June 28, 2013

Carl Stepp's sage advice

Carl Sessions Stepp, a proud South Carolina j-school alum (and who I'm happy to say is a friend), is availing himself of the perks that come with age and decades of experience to share 50 tips for journalists in American Journalism Review.

I recommend it.

One thing that strikes me, however, is that when you have a five-part online series,  shouldn't the AJR's web folks have thought to put links to the other installments at the end of each piece? In 2013, it doesn't seem to me that should even merit a second thought.

But since those links aren't there (as of this writing), here they are ...

Fifty Ways to Serve Your Readers

What I Learned from Richard Nixon

All Sides Aren't Necessarily Equal, so Don't Write as if They Are

Reporters Should Get Out More

We Need to Revolutionize Online Content

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