Friday, July 26, 2013

Journalism Education: A realy good reality check

I encourage you to read this Neiman Lab article by Amy Schmitz Weiss and Cindy Royal, two people in this j-education biz I really respect.

Amy does a good job of laying out the reality and challenges of journalism at the intersection of data and computer science.

Cindy then does a good job of adding perspective, specifically that journalism/media uses of data, computer science, etc., are often specialized applications of others' broad research and knowledge and thus are not always top-of-mind in the priority list of things like computer science departments.

(In other words, all those calls for collaboration are well-placed, but let's not get Pollyannaish about things.)

As I said, I really recommend you read it.

(You might also check this one out from last week: Larry Dailey's reflection on whether trad news orgs are ready for innovation. Goes for j-schools too.)

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