Tuesday, March 15, 2005

P Diddy is your competition

If you're in newspapers, your competiton is the reporter across town at the TV station or maybe at the alternative weekly, right. Or maybe the national reporter who parachutes into town on the big story? If you're in TV news, the same thing applies?

Nope. With the growing sophisitcation and power of mobile phones, your competition is P Diddy. Listen to this clip from a speech he gave (it's a little rough). Pay attention to how he talks about how he has "subscribers" for his music, his clothes, etc. (Text of speech, if you prefer.)

Then read this about a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO as the digiterati like to throw around -- definition) that is going to set up its own mobile broadcast units to stream video direct to the mobile phones of -- you guessed it -- "active youth," the exact same demographic existing media covet.

Thanks to MoCo.news for the pointer.


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