Saturday, June 04, 2005

EPIC 2015 is back - UPDATED

EPIC 2015 is back up for viewing.

(History: Co-creator Robin Sloan had posted a BitTorrent version of the updated version of EPIC 2014, but that torrent is now down. Pegasus News had converted it to a Flash File for a download, but apparently there were some misunderstandings (see revised posting) and it was taken down.)

But the Flash file is back up again for viewing at a different location.

I've been showing EPIC 2015 (via a Quicktime screen capture I had to do in the meantime till Robin could get the bandwidth thing worked out) to local editors, etc. I do it to disabuse them of the notion that local news is somehow behind some moat and untouchable by citizen media and other technological disruptions.

Needless to say, a significant number leave muttering.


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