Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Muncie Free Press

K. Paul Mallasch, who also runs the J-Log blog, has started a new citizens' journalism site, Muncie Free Press, and he's done it with a flourish.

Read his "Declaration of Independence." That wouldn't be a thinly veiled swipe at the Gannett-owned Muncie Star Press, where Kpaul used to be online manager, would it?

In any case, wishing him the best of luck in bringing a fresh news voice to "Munchie," as we in Fort Wayne used to call it.


At 7/6/05, 4:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the mention (and linkage).

let's just say it's not directed at any one particular company, ok? ;)

seriously, there are a lot of good people at The Star Press, a lot of good journos still.

money can't be the bottom-line, though. we're not selling pizzas or tires or couches, right?

i did notice that Indy and Gannett IPs were all over the site the next day. haven't heard from anyone yet.

last i checked, i hadn't signed any non-compete papers. (in fact, i double checked this before leaving...)

it's been a lot of work (and i'm a hopin' to keep paying the bills), but journalism has been fun and exciting again. i missed that. a lot.

interacting with the community is fun as well. if nothing else, the way i look at it, after six months, i'll either have a system worked out on how to do it or not do it. either will be valuable for the next 'round' ;)

thanks again,


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