Thursday, April 27, 2006

New ACES discussion board

If you have not seen the notices, the American Copy Editors Society discussion board, where copy editors from around the globe thrash out those thorny issues (like where's the best beer in Cleveland -- oh, wait, that was a different board ... like whether a phrase takes a singular or plural verb -- yeah, that's more like it), has moved to a new ZIP code.

No longer does it reside at Topica -- although you still can find the old posts there. Now we're using this shiny new BB gizmo that allows for multiple threads and other cool stuff (just like they do at Testy Copy Editors).

You will now find the discussion board at

My only grouse is that while the new board has a nifty RSS feed, I still liked getting the e-mails the Topica board put out. It was just a whole lot more convenient to fire up one thing -- the e-mail -- in the morning and read in. I think I'll ask whether this software has that capability.


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