Saturday, October 28, 2006

More from Digicade

Take another trip on over to Digicade, the blog maintained by Cade White, the Abilene Christian prof who is chronicling the evolution of the Dallas Morning News to digitial photography and video.

He's been quiet for a while, but has a new post up looking at the work of Rick Gerson, the 2004 College Photographer of the Year, as Gerson covers a roller coaster ride-a-thon for the DMN. Some interesting points:
  • Gerson is a self-described "digital baby," having never developed a roll of film. He shot film for about six months.
  • His passion is not "photojournalism," but communicating a story. If video is the best way to do that, great.
  • He didn't "learn" video in college. It wasn't even a thought just two years ago.
  • In many ways, still thinks about video in terms of still photography. "I'm basically taking still shots that move."
  • Statistics show that a lot of the people who come to the video on the DMN Web site do not read the paper.


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