Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some other quick links

Mindy McAdams, the Mistress of Flash, has created a Flash 8 video tutorial (PDF) and posted a link to it on her blog. Good stuff.

Over at Reinventing College Media, there's been a bit of a defection. Bryan Murley and some friends have moved to their own site, the Center for Innovation in College Media. Word is these folks were a little frustrated at the, shall we say, deliberate pace at which the College Media Advisers was moving. So what is this splitsville group all about? Well, they'll be happy to become your consultants, for instance ...

Lots of this "breaking up ain't so hard to do" stuff going on. I'm still not sure what the deal was at the American Press Institute, but Andrew Nachison, Dale Peskin & Co. took their ball and went off recently to found their own "institute" - Ifocos - the Institute for the Connected Society. API, which long relied on Nachison to power its Media Center and its Morph blog, doesn't seem to be doing much to be keeping that part of the operation current, preferring instead, I guess, to focus on its Newspaper Next report. (The site for which, we would note, has not been updated since Sept. 27. Heck, even I'm doing better than that. I'm also soooo impressed that the full text of the report is NOT available for download (but send them an e-mail and they'll ship right to you. I'll give them credit, they did with me.) In an interactive world is this interactive? Kind of makes you wonder whether you can trust a report about innovation from this group. And, of course, API will be happy to sign you up at $195 a person for one of its "workshops."

Oh, by the way, the folks at Ifocos will be happy to be your consultants, too. (And isn't it amazing, reading the press release about Ifocos' founding, how quickly we can all pick up the bloviated language of PR?)

Just goes to confirm my rule of consulting: The number of consultants is pretty much inversely proportional to the health of the industry. Now pardon me. I've gotta go get me one of these gigs ...


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