Thursday, July 03, 2008

Bottoms up - A refreshing McIntyre

John McIntyre, head of desks at the Baltimore Sun, continues to prove that copy editors, indeed, are multitaskers.

First it was the video on tying a tie, then on the proper gentleman's way to display a pocket handkerchief.

His latest video on his blog is the proper way to make a martini -- stirred, not shaken!

OMG, I can see the words "local icon" already slipping into the profiles and obituaries.

Funny, he never says how many takes it took to shoot that little film ... cin cin.

(My only quibble is that the dang video, once it runs its course, automatically slops over into some other one that has nothing to do with this. I wish papers would disable auto-start and auto-rollover.) Fixed. But I still think they should remove the auto-start option from any newspaper video software.

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