Monday, June 23, 2008

More moves to overseas

When the Miami Herald's story about the McClatchy cutbacks came out last week, I didn't see this initially.

About 40 newsroom personnel are slated to take voluntary buyouts or be laid off.

Those include 12 newsroom supervisors, five in the International Edition, two copy editors, three reporters, four designers and layout specialists, two on the state desk, two critics, two photographers and six in archiving and calendar.

Archiving, calendar and the International Edition will be outsourced to workers in India. The company is also exploring transferring its radio operations to a third-party company, but the services to public radio station WLRN will remain the same.

Interesting the mix of jobs going to India. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds as though those International Edition positions were largely repackaging/process, the kind of jobs ripe for outsourcing. Still, it's another breach in the wall. Given that some execs have expressed views of copyeditors as not much more than comma processors ...

Liz Donovan, the former Herald librarian behind Infomaniac has more observations, and she points to a good post by Derek Willis on the future of news libraries, an often overlooked but important part of all this in a digital age.

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