Monday, July 13, 2009

Philanthropy and Journalism

There's been a fair amount of talk about philanthropic models for journalism. But I found this talk on TED* by Katherine Fulton, president of the Monitor Institute, to be insightful in another way; in defining the challenges facing philanthropy, she also nicely defines a lot of the challenges facing journalism.

It's only 12 minutes. Take some time to and consider her five part framework:

Closed vs. open
Small vs. big
Slow vs. fast
Fragmented vs. connected
Short vs. long

and its implications for the communications business, and, specifically, journalism. So how do we get there?

(*The nice thing about having people who are smarter than you are but share your name is that they sometimes point to really neat things when that Google Alert on your name pops up to their blog. So thanks to Doug Fisher, a computer science prof at Vanderbilt who I have followed all these years, for the pointer.)

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