Saturday, April 17, 2010

ACES2010 - teaching idea and educator award random thought

Best teaching idea I heard all week comes from William Hickman of Central Oklahoma. He uses episodes of the original "Law and Order" to teach writing and editing.

And if you think about it it, they are structured perfectly for this: First part is a crime story. Second part is a story about the investigation. Third part is the prosecution. Brilliant! I hope he writes it up for a GIFT (Great Idas for Teaching) entry at AEJMC (the big j-profs gathering).

A random thought I had while seeing all my fellow profs and listening to discussions of research and j-education: ACES might consider creating an editing educator award to go along with its Robinson and Aubespin prizes. The award would be for the educator/reseacher doing outstanding teaching or research to preserve and advance copy editing. With all the great research Susan Keith or Leslie Thornton have done in this area, one of them would be my first nominee.

How about it educators? If everyone tossed in $100 apiece for each of the next couple of years we could produce a fund big enough to kick off a few hundred dollars as a prize. And ACES, whatcha think?

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