Friday, April 16, 2010

Tech Talk: New stuff from NAB - but not just for broadcasters

Chuck Fadley, proprietor extraordinaire of the newspaper video list, has a recap of what he just saw at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas, and the crowd seems to be trending toward digital single-lens reflx (DSLR) cameras that can shoot video.

Lots of accessories, including compact high-quality lenses coming out for those rigs. Interestingly, he says, it was almost all Canon and accessory companies - Nikon had little presence.

There's also a nonlinear video editor for the iPhone,

Meanwhile, he says, you could pretty much hear the wind whistle at the some of the traditional TV camera suppliers' booths.

Fadley also is excited by the new "freedom chip" that he says didn't get much attention but that could turn the Internet into your new video provider, bypassing cable. The new initialism is "OTT" for "over the top" delivery of broadband to your TV.

His take on it all: "I left with the impression that the whole TV industry has its head in the sand."

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