Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mississippi broadcasting job description only a lawyer or bureaucrat could love

Attention job-seekers: Mississippi Public Broadcasting is looking for a news director - at least we here at CSJ central think that's what it is after reading this posting.

We admit we were aided by the helpful inclusion of "news director" in parentheses in the subject line - but then that does raise the question of if you have to put explanatory material in your subject line, what's it telling you?

It's telling you that sometimes the bureaucrat-speak just gets out of hand. The ad contains bon mots like this:

Special Experience:  Employment must have been in an administrative, professional capacity in an area of work related to the functional responsibility of the bureau in which the position exists.  In those bureaus where registered specialists provide the primary source of functional and technical knowledge for planning and accomplishing the mission of the bureau, the incumbent must also be registered and experienced in that profession.

Translation: If you haven't had a hand in running a news operation, no need to apply.

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