Monday, February 07, 2005

More questions raised about Bush admin PR

In light of the recent upset about Bush administration payments to columnists, now the Palm Beach Post is raising questions about $627,567 paid to Florida State University from the Education Department to promote school choice under No Child Left Behind.

An excerpt:

The center's mission is to make parents aware of all choice programs, including traditional magnet schools, expand the number of choice schools in the state, and help them "work the media" — as was written in one of the PR firm's pamphlets.

But links on the center's Web site are almost entirely to studies and articles from conservative groups and strong school-choice proponents such as the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Center for Education Reform and the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

For example, a link to private-school voucher articles includes nine entries that provide positive news on the voucher movement, but no mention of the problems in Florida's three programs that have allowed hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to be misused or stolen.

Read more ... (fyi, the Post puts its stories behind a wall after about a week, and this is several days old)


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