Tuesday, February 08, 2005

What the copy desk needs from line editors

Bob Baker of Newsthinking outlines those needs today in an excellent column Poynter is showcasing.

The one I like best:
Try to avoid being defensive when we ask a question that challenges a story. We don't mean it personally. The same way reporters bring a sense of skepticism to the way they view the world, we must bring a similar sensibility to each story we edit as the last line of defense.

And he has 10 things line editors want from copy editors. The one I like:
When you deal with a reporter directly, remember that many of these people are not as good orally as they are when they are expressing themselves in writing. Also remember that behind some of the arrogance is an insecure person.

But the best for both desks may be the one Baker starts out with as an anecdote: Learn our names.


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