Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The ax falls in Akron

Well, it was kind of expected. The new owner of the Akron Beacon-Journal is laying off a quarter of the people in its 161-person newsroom. From

A representative of the Newspaper Guild/Communications Workers of America, the newsroom union, said the list shows two artists, four photographers, eight copy editors, 11 reporters and four nonunion managers, as well as a librarian, three clerks and all seven student correspondents. That list includes pop music critic Malcolm X Abram and movie critic George Thomas.

More layoffs are coming in other departments.


At 8/26/06, 5:30 PM, Anonymous Tolovemoon said...

My Grandparents have always received the Beacon's Newspaper everyday probably for more than 30 years. It's a shame that the paper is losing so much. Maybe the new owners should think about only publishing a paper once or twice a week similar to my hometown's Tribune Time (Fountain Inn). I enjoy our hometown's once a week paper, as it gives me something to read other than the news on the computer or watching tv... The internet seems to be the way for more subscribers to stop buying the paper. Thanks for sharing.. I hope my posting here is ok.

At 8/28/06, 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new owners is, eh?

At 8/28/06, 9:06 AM, Blogger Doug Fisher said...

Thanks for noting. I meant to write owner ... is. It's been corrected. Another chapter in "Why we all need editors."


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