Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Writer types

Update: John has posted his definitions. Pardon the delay in updating, but I had not had a chance to check back, beginning of semester and all that.)

After Baltimore Sun AME John McIntyre posted his wickedly funny taxonomy of copy desk personalities, he's come back with a tantalizing list of possibles for the writers' corps.

Only here's the twist -- you get to fill in the blanks. Or as John puts it: I have written entries for these categories, which are available to readers of this blog on request. But I’m reluctant to publish them, because I’d rather not have to pay someone to start my car for me every day.

So come on, chip in. Surely the folks at Testy Copy Editors at least can populate this list with pithy definitions.
  • The Crown Prince and/or the Princess Royal
  • Mute Inglorious Milton
  • The Supreme Pontificator
  • Who Touched My Story
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • By the Word
  • High Camp
  • The Duckbilled Platitude
  • Columnist Party Apparatchik
  • Plain But Earnest
  • Goodbye English Prose
(I'll sadly admit to having strains of several of these in my past.)

I'll add one:
Deadline Gamer: A cousin to "Who Touched My Story," waits until the last minute to turn copy in, even if it could have been done hours earlier, in hopes that in the rush the breathless prose will slip by the editing phalanx. Of course, the opposite usually happens because the shortest way to get a story done on deadline is to follow a straight line, not the voluptuous curves Gamer has so carfully nurtured. Gamer then usually complains of "hack job" editing.


At 8/17/06, 2:33 PM, Blogger Andy Bechtel said...

What about the End Runner? This is the reporter who goes to the copy editor to try to undo all the changes the line editor made to the story.


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