Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Winer and mobile news 'rivers'

Dave Winer calls it "a turning point for mobile news." That's to be seen, but given Winer's previous involvement in blogging, RSS and podcasting, pay attention.

Winer has turned his attention to getting news feeds 0n his new Blackberry and has come up with the "news river" condept -- essentially stripped-down newsfeeds that can be easily read on mobile devices.

Pay attention, because much of your audience is increasingly going mobile, yet so many news organizations barely have a useful toe in that water. What is out there tends to be a bit cumbersome. In vintage Winer, however, this one's stripped down to its simplest.

To start, Winer has the New York Times and the BBC on separate "rivers," feeds of up to 250 items where the oldest drop off as the newest come on. It updates every 10 minutes. He's got a fuller description of the service here.

Thanks to Rafat Ali at Paid Content for the pointer.


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