Monday, September 25, 2006

Newsroom 101 attacked, moved

Gerald Grow, co-proprietor of Newsroom 101, the excellent site for reviewing AP style, grammar and similar deskly arts, reports that the site's Internet service provider came under a denial of service attack that kept Newsroom 101 intermittently in the dark for much of the weekend.

Grow says he and co-creator Ron Hartung have moved the site to a new address, and a new ISP, and they're back in operation -- at least, I guess, until the next frustrated idiot comes along.

As the pair have written on their site introduction:
Will some people stop at nothing to prevent the free teaching of such liberatory truths as (gasp!) subject-verb agreement?

I say, Deskers unite! Take up your semicolons and rise up in defense of this fine resource.


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